Volunteers at Linked Community Services contribute to over 60% of the organisation, and without them, we simply wouldn’t be able to impact the community in the ways that we do.

Linked Community Services is proud to create a place where we can connect people to support each other and provide more than door to door service.

Team & Experience

Make a difference in your community, enrich the lives of others, build on your existing skills, meet new people and make friends along the way. Linked Community Services embraces its inclusive culture, where every person and contribution counts!
There is no single “type” of volunteer. If you have time to give back to your community and would like to share your life experience and culture, volunteering with Linked Community Services may be the right fit for you.

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Hear from our volunteers

Liz Monk, CVS Volunteer

“What I like most about volunteering is the variety, I come in and never know exactly who I’ll need to be seeing, whether it’s a group or an individual. Just like us, all clients have individual needs and have good days and bad days, so I feel like I fit in. I lost my grandparents quite young and I haven’t been around a lot of elderly people. The surprise is how vibrant and interesting they are and [the work] is really rewarding.

I’ve built great relationships where I walk in and people are happy to see me and I’m happy to see them, it’s wonderful. The time just flies by, I talk about their families, I paint their fingernails, I bring photos and books and they tell me about their past. What makes me emotional about my experience, is how close I have become to a lot of the residents, they’re important.”

Stuart Rayner, Volunteer Driver

“I’ll pick [a client] up today and then pick them up a week later and suddenly realise they haven’t spoken to anybody else apart from me for that whole week, so it tends to make you a pretty good listener. It makes such a big difference to them and also to me, because I think I get more out of it quite often than the clients do. 

[The client] may be by themselves at home and I tend to treat them like they’re family. If I can give something back to the community that’s terrific and I really enjoy that.”

Interested in volunteering at LINKED?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We are continuously looking for new Volunteers. There is no single ‘type’ of volunteer. Our volunteers provide support as Drivers, Bus Carers, Administrators and Community Visitors. If you have time to give back to your community and would like to share your life experience and culture, volunteering with Linked Community Services may be right for you.

We seek volunteers for a wide range of roles within our organisation: 

  • Volunteer Drivers: As a Volunteer Driver, you will provide individual door-to-door transport service for our clients and get them where they need to go, for example to their medical appointments, shopping or visiting friends. You will assist our clients with their baggage and mobility aids and make sure they have a warm and friendly customer service experience.
  • Volunteer Bus Carers: As a Volunteer Bus Carer, you will take care of our clients during our social outings and make sure they are safe at all times. You will assist our clients to move about and provide mobility support.
  • Volunteer Administrators: As a Volunteer Administrator, you will assist our staff members with administrative duties such as data entry, record keeping and/or answering booking enquiries from our clients.
  • Community Visitor: As a Community Visitor, you will visit with elderly people living in aged care homes or in their own home at least one a fortnight. Whilst visiting, activities may include doing something you both enjoy, for example chatting and reminiscing, walking or reading. We will train and support you in understanding the needs of your new friend/s and your interests and background are taken into account when matching you with an elderly person. If you are interested in becoming a Community Visitor, please visit the following webpage for more information: https://agedcare.health.gov.au/older-people-their-families-and-carers/community-visitors-scheme/community-visitor-scheme-cvs-frequently-asked-questions-faqs

Volunteering is open to everyone and we don’t expect you to have specialised skills or experience in this industry. We have a great mix of volunteers with different age groups, diverse backgrounds and various professions.

We require a minimum age of 18 to be able to volunteer with us.

After making an enquiry we will need a number of documents from you to meet regulatory requirements. This will include a National Police Check and a Working with Children Check at no cost to you. 

We will then arrange a face to face meeting with one of our coordinators who will explain what is expected from you and clarify the administrative procedures involved with being a volunteer.

Before you start as Volunteer Driver, we will need to know that you are a safe driver and take you on a test drive with one of our friendly staff drivers. You won’t be required to provide your own car, we will provide most items you need to volunteer with us.

We will provide you with training and support.

This is up to you and depends on how much time you can give. Volunteering usually takes place during our office hours between 8 am and 5 pm from Monday until Friday and weekend volunteering is optional. 

As a Community Visitor, you need to commit to visiting your elderly friend/s at least once a fortnight, with weekly visits recommended.

Thank you to our current volunteers

We cannot express enough gratitude and thanks to our dedicated volunteers and especially to those who have been with Linked Community Services for many years.

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